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Articles by Clarissa Clemm (21)

Shailene Woodley speaks to students about Bernie Sanders’ candidacy. She encouraged those in attendance to volunteer for Sanders’ campaign.

University News

Students for Bernie hosts actress Shailene Woodley

April 25, 2016 Comments are Disabled

Actress Shailene Woodley encouraged a crowd of about 150 students to vote and volunteer in support of Bernie Sanders’ presidential campaign.

Until June 2015, Palestinian territories were not options for study abroad. The ban was lifted in response to requests by faculty members.

Study abroad options include West Bank

April 20, 2016 Comments are Disabled

Students can now apply to study at universities in the occupied Palestinian territories, as well as institutes in Israel.

Project LETS creator Stefanie Kaufman ‘17 advocates for peer mental health support.

University News

Project LETS provides peer mental health counseling

March 24, 2016 2 comments

August 2013, the month before she came to Brown, Stefanie Kaufman’s ’17 now-national nonprofit Project Let’s Erase the Stigma became incorporated.

Previously boarded up, Skewers has now re-opened and features Mexican food items on its menu.


Skewers experiments with menu change

February 12, 2016 Comments are Disabled

Thayer Street’s Skewers has been back in business for the past couple weeks, boasting a revamped menu replete with both Mediterranean and Mexican options.

High school students from all over the world participate in the 19th annual Brown University Simulation of the United Nations. The conference had students discuss issues of science, technology and development.

University News

BUSUN welcomes 950 student delegates

November 9, 2015 Comments are Disabled

Almost 1,000 suit-clad high schoolers came to campus this weekend, participating in the 19th annual Brown University Simulation of the United Nations.

Peter Norvig ‘78 P’16 P’18, director of research at Google, encourages current Brown students to explore problems that interest them and “take advantage” of all that peers and professors may have to offer.

Science & Research

Q&A: Peter Norvig ’78 P’16 P’18 reflects on experience in tech world

October 15, 2015 Comments are Disabled

When Peter Norvig ’78 P’16, director of research at Google, enrolled at Brown, he knew almost nothing about computer science.

Science & Research

Paper details Western ISIS recruits’ motives

October 1, 2015 Comments are Disabled

“Why are young Westerners drawn to terrorist organizations like ISIS?” That is the question that Haque explored in an article of the same name.

The ancient Greek city-state Notion, located in modern Turkey, is one site of many at which faculty and staff members in the archaeology and anthropology departments spent the summer doing  fieldwork.

Science & Research

Fieldwork provides hands-on opportunities

September 24, 2015 Comments are Disabled

The start of the semester marks a hiatus from their fieldwork undertaken around the globe this summer.

New York Times columnist Charles Blow addresses a sold-out Salomon 101 Thursday, highlighting the parallels between the Civil Rights Movement and the Black Lives Matter movement.

University News

Blow decries racial inequality in America

September 18, 2015 Comments are Disabled

“Equality must be won by every generation because it will never be freely granted,” New York Times columnist Charles Blow told a sold-out crowd.

The memorial’s signature white stone represents endurance and the future, while the six columns that encircle the stone symbolize the heedless nature of the violence and bloodshed during the Holocaust.


Downtown Holocaust memorial dedicated

September 15, 2015 2 comments

Dedicated in late August, the Rhode Island Holocaust Memorial — spearheaded by Herbert Stern — is the result of over 10 years of work.