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how to meet new people [lifestyle]

Did you transfer here midyear and feel so utterly alone? Do you hang out with people that you enjoy, but at the same time feel that nobody truly knows you? There’s a difference between meeting and knowing people. Every day, you introduce yourself and go through the list: name, year, pronouns, and ...

Tweed and Me Kaitlyn Stanton .png

tweed and me [lifestyle]

If one had to summarize all of menswear—its ups and downs, bell bottoms, shin huggers, and oxford bags—into an essential fabric, it would have to be tweed. Hailing from the frosty and unforgiving weather of Northern Europe, tweed has become and remains the most versatile, nostalgic fabric one can ...

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advice from a dorm gecko [lifestyle]

I didn’t come to college intending to buy a gecko, and yet there I was in the Providence Petco on my eighteenth birthday, looking at potential terrariums for the future third resident of my Keeney double.

heart beating of a campus crush.png

heart beating of a campus crush [lifestyle]

As you sit tucked in the hidden nooks around campus, nestled on a bench with a hot chai latte in hand, you can’t help but look up from your work and take in all of the unfamiliar faces—the crowds of students walking to their morning class or racing to the Blue Room.

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outfits prompts and you [lifestyle]

Oftentimes I find myself struggling with intentionality in my outfits, merely throwing the basic array of my favorites together into an acceptable pattern as I gather enough energy to get to breakfast. It’s a difficult pill for me to swallow. I have never been a capsule wardrobe person; my goal has ...

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astrology for hustlers [lifestyle]

Budgets get tight at the beginning of the calendar year. Holiday shopping and celebrations leave wallets considerably thinner, and many college students make New Year’s resolutions to fix their finances. February in Providence is already bleak—don't make it worse with a boring campus job! If you ...

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solving the secret to sibling dynamics [lifestyle]

During orientation week in August, I discovered that making small talk is one of my specialities. Thinking of questions to ask others comes easy to me, even if we’ve just met. “What majors are you for sure not interested in?” “Did you like the town you grew up in?” “What’s your favorite ...

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on being cringe [lifestyle]

According to the internet, there are over 7,000 undergraduate students currently attending Brown. Yet, after a year and a half here, I’ve come to realize that Brown can feel incredibly small. To walk across the green and not get waved at is a rarity for me, and whenever I introduce myself, I am frequently ...

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holiday gift guide [lifestyle]

As you get older, you realize that giving gifts is much more satisfying than receiving them. Seeing your family's faces light up at the perfect gift is the best part of the holidays. However, it can be difficult to decide what to make or buy while considering their taste, what they already have, and ...

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notes on coats [lifestyle]

I imagine many of you have been hunkered down in your dorms throughout the neverending slew of midterms, surviving solely off of acerbic Ratty coffee and 1 a.m. Jo’s runs. But, if you’ve had the time to peek your head out of your window and onto your respective quadrangle, I’m sure you’ve ...

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reinventing [lifestyle]

If given the chance to reinvent yourself, would you do it? The opportunity for self-reinvention is one of the many perks that come with starting college. What always followed “Why Brown?”, which I was asked numerous times when I committed, was: “You’re sooo lucky. You’re definitely going to ...

Top 5 ways
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top five ways to live [lifestyle]

What does it mean to truly live? Each one of the eight billion lives in this world are distinct, making it hard to consider any experience universal. But I know I can pinpoint moments in my life when I thought “this is why I’m alive.”

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