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Post- Magazine

the asian american dilemma [feature]

Recently, someone told me that I looked “textbook” Korean, which felt a bit unsettling. It wasn't because of any racial shame, but because it has always been difficult for me to embrace this identity. I laughed in response, not knowing how else to reply, and moved on. However, had I been told ...

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love and lentils [A&C]

Chocolate-chip banana muffins. Picture them. Soft and robust, their tops golden and cracked like a drought-split plain. I’m standing in front of two full plates, one batch with peanut butter smeared over top, another without. I’ve just come downstairs to the living room and here they are, on the ...

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sawayama’s melodrama [A&C]

This summer I switched to Spotify. I was always petrified to reveal my identity as an Apple Music user, but I was equally stubborn to admit that the platform was inferior. Unsurprisingly, it was a boy’s pleas to have access to my playlists that ultimately tipped the scale. After five hours spent methodically ...

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exile [narrative]

I’ve been here before. It’s a hazy, remote memory in my mind, but it’s there. The lingering song of a raunchy salsa band wafting through the streets. The wandering stray dogs with matted fur. The white cross of the stone cathedral. Each direction births a new recollection, unwieldy and uncertain, ...

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alternative models of loving [a&c]

As the perfect embodiment of the English major who would happily spend hours dissecting a Sally Rooney novel in the corner during a bustling dinner party, it has never occurred to me to question her cult following, of which I could very well be the leader. 

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hijacking the narrative [a&c]

They called themselves an army. They set up camp on a private pot farm in central Oʻahu, locked out the legal owner of the property, and stayed there for nine months. They wore knockoff military uniforms. They carried rifles. In a lawsuit, the legal owner of the land described them as “squatters.” ...

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the tan in the man [lifestyle]

The ineluctable presence of mid-dark tan when the cold weather comes will find no welcome, at least, in my closet. Yes, fall weather is upon us, and with it the great unifier of men’s fashion across campus: the tan overcoat. I am, of course, talking about the great, the steady, the horrendously ubiquitous ...

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against beauty [a&c]

I am sitting in class with my hair limp down my back. It does not curve and it does not layer and it does not flutter. It sees my scalp for the chair that it is and sits there, unfashionably, without appeal. I have lost my claw clip. 

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a brown student's start pack [lifestyle]

Before moving to New England, I thought seasonal depression was just a saying. The raging wind and episodic chills seem to have wiped the idea of warmth from my head (Have I ever been warm before?). It was not until two weeks ago when I was greeted by a blossoming sakura tree that I recalled the existence ...

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me, myself, and i [a&c]

Last semester I cracked my phone and dropped my Andrews pho just because I would not sit down alone in a dining hall. I’d just gotten out of a class that met from 6:30 to 8 p.m. (awful, I know) and I had a four-page Spanish essay to write before the clock struck midnight. There was no time for the ...

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dearly departed [narrative]

It’s my favorite feeling: when a really good idea hits me. Almost like I’ve been dumped face-first in a cold bucket of water and the chill is traveling all the way down my back, yet I can’t help but grin.

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regret is a four letter word [narrative]

How do you begin to articulate an end? Perhaps shakily. Or hesitantly. Perhaps with your heart on your sleeve, or else on the verge of tears. Perhaps, like me, you wouldn’t want to begin at all. Perhaps you can tell, even in these words, that I am trying my best to run away from goodbye. 

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the power of kvell [feature]

Light twinkled through the windowpane in front of me, hopscotching across my worktable and glinting off the gems in my fingers. I was beading with rubies, stacking them between my fingers and sliding them carefully onto a strand of wire. Legs tucked up on my stool, I sat quietly, lost in the simple ...

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