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Dorrit Corwin


Corwin ’24: Sentiments from a Super Senior

I anticipate that the enduring identity of Brown’s class of 2024 will inevitably center on our scattered start to college in the middle of the COVID-19 pandemic. It will be mentioned in speeches throughout Commencement weekend and at reunions down the line. I am a member of the class of 2024, but ...

marriage plot
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a farewell to brown [A&C]

During my senior year of high school, I took an Honors English Seminar. Its thirteen spots were awarded to a cohort of rising seniors who satisfactorily completed a pre-requisite essay response to Roland Barthes’ From Work To Text. Each week we dove headfirst into different subgenres of literary theory, ...

basking in la solar.png
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basking in la solar [A&C]

Driving into Medellín feels like skating across a blanket of stars. The city is nestled between two mountains, each of which is scattered with lit-up homes that make them glisten like a galaxy. When my cousin and I arrive at the park where La Solar Festival is held, the mountains glimmer in the distance. ...

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the bucket list curse [A&C]

“Abroad planning,” “Barcelona bucket list,” “Travel to book,” “Running to-do list”: the top four lists I see when I open my Notes app, and those are just ones I have pinned. I have 1830 notes (and counting) on my phone. I used to consider this addiction a great accomplishment, but recently ...

alone in crowded room
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alone in crowded rooms (and boats) [A&C]

Five days after I drove off the Universal Studios lot in 100-degree heat for the last time this summer, I flew to Europe for my semester abroad. My internship at Amblin Entertainment felt like a distant memory by the time my Spanish immersion program began two weeks later in Barcelona. After my first ...

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the glitch generation [A&C]

June 6, 2008 was the first time I saw an iPhone. I was sitting in a Jewish deli next to the hospital where my mother was in labor with my brother. At the time, I only knew the flip phones I saw in movies and the Blackberries my parents used, which solely piqued my interest when they let me borrow one ...

A Love Letter To Babylon.png
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a love letter to Babylon [A&C]

My grandfather, a motion picture exhibitor, used to declare every film he saw the “best picture of the year.” I can still hear the natural inflection of that phrase in his voice revealing his pure, unadulterated delight. My grandmother would walk out of the theatre and tell him she couldn’t believe ...

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sawayama’s melodrama [A&C]

This summer I switched to Spotify. I was always petrified to reveal my identity as an Apple Music user, but I was equally stubborn to admit that the platform was inferior. Unsurprisingly, it was a boy’s pleas to have access to my playlists that ultimately tipped the scale. After five hours spent methodically ...

the film, the factor, and the epoch (dorrit).JPG
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x [a&c]

Lights flicker and reflect across our frightened faces as we pick popcorn kernels out of our braces. We laugh uncontrollably, to mask the pure terror that resides beneath. Desperate to encounter an adrenaline rush like the drugs we’re too young to take, we spend most of our free time riding roller ...

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reverberating rainbows [a&c]

Bouncing vivaciously around the stage in athletic track pants, a purple t-shirt, and pink mini Ugg boots, Remi Wolf is electric and eclectic. And so is her audience: The Boston Royale is packed with flamboyant fans of all ages, many sporting merchandise from her official collection. Some wear neon hats ...

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