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Print Editions Thursday September 28th, 2023

Post- Magazine

Post- Magazine

the art of reopening [a&c]

It began with a flocking to the hideous. The days were getting long, and the sun was getting strong. We were donning jean shorts and flowing skirts, sipping Del’s lemonade while stretching our legs on tie-dyed picnic blankets spread over the grass, when “Large Concretized Monument to the Twentieth ...

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you have time [a&c]

When I was a kid, I tried everything: ballet, taekwondo, baseball, soccer, painting (catastrophically). When I was 10, I told my mom that I wanted to “find my thing” while strapped into the back seat of her SUV on the way home from school. It bothered me more than anything that I wasn’t “the ...

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halloween scares [narrative]

We were standing in a circle next to the concrete bleachers listening to M’s Marvel theories. By the time I saw the alarm in his eyes, it was already too late. My glasses flew off my face and a mix of surprised gasps and nervous laughs erupted around me. Someone yelled sorry! from across the court.  ...

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halloweekend [lifestyle]

It’s that time of the year again: Halloweekend—the wonderful weekend where students celebrate the joyous holiday of Halloween. Fortunately for us this year, Halloween actually falls on a weekend, so we’re not stuck debating if Halloweekend should be the weekend before or after Halloween (which ...

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sink into believing [narrative]

I was always an avid daydreamer. I imagined stories for each cloud that drifted past while my little sister stomped around, demanding that I play with her. I barely heard her, barely felt the dampness of the grass pressing into my hair: I was deep in a cloud-inspired imaginary world. For me, reality ...

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circle the drain [narrative]

Step one: The water needs to be scalding. It needs to hurt when you touch it. Step two: Pour a quarter-sized glop of dish soap into the sink. Let water run over the cap, so you don’t waste any. Step three: Watch the bubbles rise like clumps of white clouds, until they’re at a comfortable height ...

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some notes [a&c]

Joni Mitchell is one of those artists I’ve always loved but never known. Or as Zadie Smith puts it, “The first time I heard her I didn’t hear her at all.” Mitchell’s chilling runs and wails didn’t play throughout the soundtrack of my childhood the way the Beatles, ABBA, or Electric Light ...

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summer on the balaton [feature]

The CIA has a categorization of languages listed in order of how long it would take the average American to learn to speak them. At the bottom are languages closely related to English. It should only take around 600 hours to become proficient in Romance languages and fun language cousins like Swedish ...

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home [narrative]

I have heard that people exercise control to avoid pain. If you can rationally list the changes in your life, then sadness might seem like just one more item to check off and move on; isn’t that a nice thought? Walking around the house, I notice the out-of-place pieces that announce, even if there ...

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reshoevenation [a&c]

Morning dew twinkles on the twigs of grass, crisp in the dawn air. The smell of a fresh summer rain wafts off the asphalt, conjuring nostalgic memories of early July. Gusts of wind carry secrets between maple leaves as they start to blush with embarrassment. Puddles condense into sloshy heaps, liquid ...

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marriott advice [lifestyle]

Whoops! You got COVID. No judgement—you have likely taken the proper precautions and simply fallen prey to the cruel knife of chance. This is an obviously heinous situation to be in. Quarantine is ten days calculated from the day of symptom onset or a positive test result (so either you actually feel ...

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